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Please read carefully before signing.

  1. I agree that the information I have entered in the application form is fully correct.

  2. I agree and understand that taking part in the ski/snowboard lesson can be hazardous and involves the risk of (physical injury and/or) death and that there is risk of harming others. I fully acknowledges the risk involved in skiing and snowboarding and the inherit dangers  of nature.  

  3. I declare that I am in good health and have no health conditions or injuries that may get affected by participating in the lesson.

  4. I will be responsible for complying with all lesson disclaimers and the ski area’s code of conduct and will take full responsibility over my skiing/snowboarding.

  5. While participating in the lesson I agree not to hold the snowsport school or the snowsport school managers and/or instructors responsible for any physical and property  damage or liability, which I or a third party person may suffer due to accidents caused by my carelessness, accidents that are beyond the scope of the instructor’s responsibility to prevent hazards that are caused by unavoidable reasons and accidents that occur due   to equipment and or facilities reasons etc.

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